Boltless and decapitated.

this is bit a bit of a theme, take a perfect good cart and remove it from its body and tape it to a stripped back headshell. why? well, I’m a fan of simplicity. less is more and all that. I was impressed by the improvements yielded from decapitating my Shure v15iii, and curiosity got… Continue reading Boltless and decapitated.

The future is wet.

The last three days I’ve spent spraying every record with a liberal amount of “cleargroove” record cleaning fluid prior/whilst playing. This “playing wet” malarkey is wonderful. Snap, crackle & pop are gone, everything sounds better. As I’m in the habit now of checking and cleaning the stylus after every side it’s no great drama for… Continue reading The future is wet.

Abusing the elderly.

Those of you of a nervous disposition might want to look away now… I confess, I’m a cartridge abuser 😀 So this is the current iteration of my dear Shure V15iii (I’ve included some beforehand photos for your viewing horror). When I acquired it, it was unmolested, and it sounded good, but I always had… Continue reading Abusing the elderly.