Back to the future, RigB VM95 Paratrace edition.

Honestly, what the f**k have they done? With their F1 grade whatnots and tight fitting bodices?

Well what they’ve actually done is squeeze every tiny bit of performance out of the ubiquitous at95 generator turning it from the everyman boarder line socialist your mum and her friends oh it’s another one of those hum drum cartridges into a bloody Lotus Elise.

Now I have extensively studied this virus of a generator, even ripped all its clothes off and paraded it in its interference laced nudity on line. I’ve got a pretty solid idea of what it’s capable, at least I thought I had.

Turns out that I was wrong, a few of you might recall my opinions on my beloved Shure v15iii&BasieEBN and Stanton881s (the Stanton has great testicular heft but the Shure has better spectacles) and I was thinking that the humble VM95 could only be little more than a poor neighbour to its aging nearby tenants.

Wrong again, it deserves to sit proudly on the same street. Big words, but justly awarded. Yes it’s not the last word in resolution and it’s not got the most pendulous balls. But it’s bloody close, close enough.

So how would I describe it? One word?


Yes it’s not as beautiful or detailed as a photograph taken by a Leica, but it has that blissful, richly & lushly coloured, depth and warmth that makes it a joy to peruse again and again.

If like me you’re a bit of a fan of ancient pointy things, or you simply don’t have enough dough to get all big and fancy with some hand knitted cartridge exotica, do yourself and your record collection a favour. Order the VM95 Paratrace from the folks at RigB.

It is. Bloody marvellous. I don’t know how they’ve done it, I don’t really care, but it works. Very very well.

  • I’ve not been paid for this shite, nor is this mine it belongs to my pal Alan who kindly lent it to me to hear my thoughts on it, well, that’s what I think.

You can buy one from:

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