Time for a different spin on things…

I’ve been a committed music lover since I was a small child, obsessive? probably.

I’ve been playing both bass & lead guitar for years as well as singing on stages from pub backrooms to festivals. Attending gigs, concerts, raves, classical and world music recitals and often stopping for buskers.

Its fair to say that music is important to me, its also now my primary escape from what is now my daily life as a Chef within the Restaurant that I own with my long suffering partner (and fellow Chef) referred to here on as “the Italian”.

To say I’ve read my fair share of the Audiophile press is an understatement, for years I must have ingested review upon review of every sort of piece of equipment, technology, oddity and snake oil. I’ve even owned many of them.

I must admit that I’m tired of the traditional reviews, their target market and the way that the industry seems to have painted itself into a very odd corner which seems targeted towards the late middle-aged male, and being one of those; even I feel that corner has lost sight of what Hi-Fi should be and what it is really all about, the faithful and enjoyable reproduction of sound.

That to me is a very simple thing “musical reproduction that is as close emotionally, to a live event, that touches the soul”. Now of course there is the science of this to consider, and its important, but its very easy to lose sight of this objective if you bury yourself in graphs, charts and statistics.

I’ll be referring to “the data” where I feel it’s relevant but the primary purpose for all of this is to give you an informed and unbiased opinion on what I feel makes a good system, how you can build your own, what you should consider and what you possibly shouldn’t.

If I am provided anything for free or paid to cover anything then I’ll make that very clear from the outset but I won’t allow it to bias my opinion.

Integrity and Passion are the two driving factors here. And I’ll spare no blushes, you can expect the occasional peppering of colourful language, obscure references and hopefully a laugh or two, we’re all grown ups here.

Welcome, make yourself comfortable, lets get it on.